Wednesday, 3 August 2011

GE 2011

Our first series of tee shirts mark THE event of 2011, the Singapore General Elections.

No one (especially all the useless fence sitting, political pundits and columnists) would have guessed what a watershed event the GE 2011 would be.

This time, Singaporeans did not drink the water when led to the well. This time, Singaporeans did not go with the flow. This time, Singaporeans wanted accountability before they crossed the bridge.

We heard Singaporeans online, at rallies, at coffee shops and eventually on polling day. These tee shirts are our summation of GE 2011.

We call them the ‘I voted for the Opposition’ series because Singaporeans being Singaporeans would gladly say that they were rooting for the Opposition AFTER the fact ;)

Go on. Buy it for a laugh.

Buy it for someone who was passionate about election stuff.