Monday, 1 August 2011

Don't Quote Me

Tee shirts are the walking billboards of society.

They express an inner attitude, ranging from arrogance to irreverence to sometimes, sheer indulgence.

Tee shirts also showcase a collective mood and feel of people at a particular point in time, be they the majority, minority, the rebel rousers or quite often, the disenfranchised.

Don’t Quote Me, the latest tee-shirt label to join the millions of other tee shirt labels (cough), will hold true to the form and function of tee shirts as walking billboards. In rich irony, of course, in keeping with the label.

We will crystallize what is said (even if it is in hush tones) and more importantly, what is felt on the ground. In concise words. In creative prints.

You can buy into us. You can bitch about us. You best not ignore us.