Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Presidential Contest!

Okay, so our fans (yes, more than one) have been bugging us on why we haven’t done a Presidential tee yet. The reason is simple. After the fun and excitement of GE 2011, the Presidential Elections has been a real snooze fest.

Honestly, who cares if whose son was a white horse or who has to go to Batam to prove his international relations credentials etc We would rather focus on making curry for the too many PRC in our GRC.

BUT if you feel you have it in you to come up with the perfect, most hilarious, ironical, even cynical tee shirt line about the Presidential Elections, please send us your thoughts. Winning entry gets 
$250 cash and we may even get it done as a limited edition tee. Howzaboutat?

Send your funny lines to 
by 31 Aug and have some fun.

Just don’t say ‘
Tan Tan, I will do it tomorrow’ coz then you will forget and you won’t get a crack at the $250 cash!