Monday, 5 September 2011

Presidential results are out! But the voting continues.

Just when we thought the Presidential Elections was such a let down after GE 2011, along came Results Day (and Night) to prove us wrong.

Tan Kin Lian blinked away $48,000. Tan Jee Say beamed away like a true vote spoiler. Tan Cheng Bock smiled too soon. Tony Tan smiled like he knew he had won but was doomed. And we received some cool entries for our Presidential tee-shirt contest.

Okay, in the first place we didn’t expect many entries (we did say the subject matter was boring before Results Day) but we got enough to put a smile on our faces.

These are the shortlisted five.

An enthusiastic soul volunteered his basic design skills so the lines could have some visual context. We feel they are funny and self-explanatory.

Have a read, have a laugh and email us at if you feel any one particular tee rubbed you the right way.

It’s a first past the post system, like our nation’s. And we don’t care if the bulk of you d
on’t like the winner ;)

Shortlisted Entry #1
Entrant’s explanation: I swear I heard it all through Sunday (after results day).

Shortlisted Entry #2

Entrant’s explanation: Inspired by BreadTalk’s ‘Buy 3 Tans and get 1 free’ promotion.

Shortlisted Entry #3
Entrant’s explanation: Did anyone see how TKL failed to connect a High-five with a supporter on results night?

Shortlisted Entry #4
Entrant’s explanation: TT better not make any big public appearances too soon.

Shortlisted Entry #5
Entrant’s explanation: What a 35.1% President looks like.