Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hello Halloween!

From political parties to partying up this Halloween! Yeah babeh!

Don’t go all white this Halloween. There’s a 40% chance you’ll piss people off.

Instead, go in one of our cool tees and well, stick a middle finger (figuratively speaking, of course) at whoever, whatever.

These are our limited edition Halloween tees. $18 a pop and they’ll make your Halloween rock!  

Trick - Treat

We figured this is what EVERYONE who is out partying on Halloween is thinking so why not show it if you are too shy to say it. ;)

Available in black only. Male cut only.

Horny li'l Devil

Wear this with an angelic smile for maximum effect.

Available in black only. Male and Female cut.

More than a pretty face

You know drunk men/boys need directions sometimes. Glad to be of help.

Available in black only. Female cut only.


This is for the cutie pies. And Casper the Ghost lovers.

Available in black only. Female cut only.

Don't do costumes. Do someone.

If you are really, really against people dressing up like clowns, help make a difference.



Could explain how the term ‘horny devil’ came...about.



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