Thursday, 20 October 2011

And the award goes to...

No, no, we weren’t arrested or had to go into hiding. In case you were wondering where did we disappear to. 

We have been busy. And have been entertained. We had a supposed man-in-white write to us appreciating our sense of humour – we smelled a rat when he started getting logical with our silly requests and boy, did we have some. Strange fella. Made us giggle with his emails.

Anyhoo, the cooked up story about the delay in announcing our Presidential Tee winner is that we were waiting for Parliament to open.

The real story is a combination of us wanting to announce the tees at a play called When Tan meets Tan, inspired by the presidential elections, which has now been postponed and...well, our sheer slackness. Come on, not much has been happening since the Elections so it’s been hard getting ‘inspired’. 

Anyhoo (for the second time), the winning Presidential Tee entry by unanimous vote is...drum roll please...ta-dah.

The winner gets $250. Apologies for the delay. Politics is back to its boring best in Singapore once again. Peace.